Traveling in March

We went on a long trip in March, Sophie’s first that was more than a few hours on the plane. First we went to Colorado Springs to visit Aunt Patti. Colorado Springs is beautiful and we were lucky with the weather for a few days. The altitude, however, was hard to get used to and we could feel it as we walked around the Colorado Springs Zoo. What a fun place to take little kids…we visited the giraffes where they let you pet and feed them, and saw lions, tigers, reptiles, hippos and orangutans.

Aunt Patti took us for lunch to a little town called Manitou Springs. It reminded me of Santa Fe, Arizona…very artsy, with lots of cute shops and restaurants, and very dog friendly. We stopped in a little cafe/store that had shots of vitamins so we tried one. I was hoping it would help my cough. You actually could taste some of the vitamins, but it mostly tasted like a veggie drink.

Garden of the Gods

One afternoon we took a drive through Garden of the Gods, which is an area of huge sandstone formations. Sophie’s paws turned orange from climbing up the side of the rocks.Downtown Colorado Springs was another cute city where we had lunch. We went to one of Patti’s favorite little cafe’s and then walked around the main street wandering in and out of all the shops.

The Falls at Steam Boat Springs

So we then went off to visit friends of Patti’s in Steam Boat Springs. The weather was starting to get cold by now and we were also a little higher in altitude. Patti’s friends had so many places they wanted to show us, but with limited time we went to lunch and for a hike to the falls and then walked around town checking out all the shops. Sophie was a real trooper climbing to the scenic overlook of the falls in the snow!! Her little paws got a little cold but she cuddled up in the warm coat Patti lent to me. After a quick night’s stay, we headed back to Denver for our flight to Salt Lake City, and then drive to Orem to see more family. The mountains were so beautiful rising above the clouds, I couldn’t help but take some pictures. It was great to see my grand nephew, Chase’s progress from the traumatic brain injury he suffered in January from a fall off a 15′ slide. And spending more time with my nieces and their kids. It was a great trip and Sophie is such a good traveler!

Green Mountain Reservoir on our way back to Denver Airport

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