Turquoise for Jezebel

Returning customer, Jezebel loves turquoise.

This is her 2nd piece of SophiesBling made with turquoise dyed howlite. Why use howlite instead of real turquoise you ask? Well, for one, it enables us to keep the price of SophiesBling very reasonable. Howlite is the natural webbing that occurs in nature and it is almost identical to the webbing in natural Turquoise. Since this webbing is basically impossible to manufacture it is easier to use an existing mineral that has the same properties. Howlite is dyed to look very similar to the beautiful turquoise color.

The bling is strung on 49 strand soft touch, stainless steel nylon coated flex wire. Sterling silver crimp covers are on either side of the silver magnetic clasp #9469. These clasps fold over and have a strong magnetic closure that will hold alot of pull and weight! Easy to open and close. Lead Free

*If you would like to purchase a similar piece, please fill out the form on our Contact Page and we will be happy to help you.


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